Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wolf Blitzer Crying Wolf

I never realized this until recently that why would I have a fast beating heart every time I would watch 'Wolf Bliter Reports' on CNN. This seemingly serious looking newsman always had an aura of credibility in his expression. It was only recently I realized he is one of those few news anchors who would use sensational superlatives with such a frequency that a ctastrophic scene would seem looming right over your head. My son, 10, would sometimes watch him on CNN with me. He inadvertently said, " He sounds like Doom's day angel." Boy! Wasn't he telling the truth and solving my irregular heart problem. That was the end of my watching 'Wolf Blitzer reports' on CNN. Exaggeration and Hyperbole is the tool he would use with such a rhythm that would make you get shelter in a bunker as heavens are about to fall any moment now. And shamelessly, he would do all this from the pulpit of an impartial journalist using the worldwide reach of this mega network. I have started counting the superlatives he would use per segment to keep a record of his doom sayings. as I can't do this all by myself due to the negative effect it has on a normal heart, I request the readers of this blog to join me in tracking his and other so-called news reporter's use of scary superlatives and present them to the public to uncover their real biases.